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Gum Surgery - Gum Lifts - Perio Trays

Gum Treatment at Jax Beaches Family Dentistry is different because we have on staff a Periodontist — a Dentist who has advanced training in gum disease and treatment. So gum surgery, gum lifts and perio trays are routine within our Practice.

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Healthy gums are an important part of your overall oral health. Tens of thousands of people in NE Florida have chronic gum disease, with adults over the age of 30 most vulnerable.

At Jax Beaches Family Dentistry, we understand that your gums are more than just a “decorative frame” for your teeth. Your gums are the structure that holds your teeth in place and protects your teeth from disease. If your gums are not healthy, call us so we can answer your questions. We look forward to developing a treatment plan that restores your gums to good health!

What is Gum Disease Anyway?

Gum disease, more formally known as “periodontal disease,” often progresses slowly. It usually begins as gingivitis, which causes your gums to swell, redden, and bleed when brushed or flossed. Permanent damage from gingivitis can be avoided if treated. If the condition is not addressed, the condition worsens. Then gums will begin to pull away from the teeth, allowing little pockets to form beneath the gum line. Those pockets are the perfect gathering spots for plaque and decay that can attack your teeth’s supporting ligaments and bone. This damage allows teeth to loosen ultimately resulting in permanent tooth loss. The worst of all outcomes.

At Jax Beaches Family Dentistry we have extensive training in treating gum disease and other specialized dental treatments and surgeries such as dental implants and gum reshaping.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is an increasing problem in America, especially in cases linked to HPV and tobacco use. If oral cancer is suspected, our dentist will help you with “next steps.” Early detection is the key to any successful cancer treatment.

Soft Tissue Graft/Gum Graft

Gum tissue grafts performed by our dentists at Jax Beaches Family Dentistry can help if you have receding gums and tooth root exposure. Gum grafting can cover the exposed area and ward off additional gum recession. The procedure can also stop the advance of decay and reduce bone loss.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure that reduces some of the gum around the tooth. The procedure is sometimes necessary to expose more of the tooth so that a crown can fit properly over the tooth. It can also be performed to allow the attachment of orthodontic brackets or partial dentures. Contact us at Jax Beaches Family Dentistry to learn more.

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Non-invasive Perio Tray™ therapy holds medication deep below the gums.

The innovative Perio Protect Method™ utilizes the patented, non-invasive Perio Tray™ with a customized sealing system that is proven to deliver medication deep into periodontal pockets, where toothbrushes, rinse and floss fail to reach. These customized trays end the cycle of disease by extending treatment from the dental chair to the comfort of home. They’re also the only periodontal medicine delivery mechanism with FDA clearance.

Where Other Methods Fall Short

Brushing, rinsing and flossing are important. But these efforts fail to reach deep below the gum line where bacteria thrive—in the periodontal pockets.

Traditionally, deep cleanings, known as root planing and scaling, or surgery have been required to reach deep into the pockets to treat advanced gum disease.

Scaling involves numbing the gums then scraping and smoothing the tooth surface to remove bacteria to prevent it from readhering.

Surgery traditionally requires cutting the tissues to lift a flap to be able to clean the root surfaces. Often, these processes must be repeated over multiple visits. It can be frustrating, painful and invite harmful bacteria back into the new wounds.

Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed to fight bacteria. Immediate results can be promising, but they are often only temporary. And over-prescription of antibiotics can compromise their long-term efficacy.

Bacteria that causes gum disease gathers in periodontal pockets below the gum line.
Bacteria thrive deep below the gum line in the periodontal pocket.
Brushing doesn't always reach deep enough to remove bacteria that causes gingivitis.
Brushing, rinsing and flossing cannot reach the bacteria.
Graphic describing how the PerioProtect process works to treat gum disease.
The Perio Tray™ delivers medicine deep into perio pockets and holds it there.
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Fontana Laser Periodontal Treatment

For treating gum disease, Jax Beaches Family Dentistry’s FDA approved, Fotona TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment (TPT) is a comprehensive and minimally invasive periodontal therapy incorporating the power of dentistry’s two most effective laser wavelengths: Er:YAG and Nd:YAG. The TwinLight® approach enables wavelength-optimized treatments for periodontal therapy, which creates the optimal conditions for healing and regenerating gum tissue. Additionally, TPT prevents infection and speeds healing. Its advanced technology, Photo Activated Systems Technology or PHAST™, is the scientific foundation for the Lightwalker laser and the basis for a wide range of advanced clinical laser procedures. What matters to you is that the treatment is remarkably effective and relatively painless.

Gum Treatment & Prevention FAQs

Gum disease is a serious health issue, and it is often caused by allowing plaque to build up on our teeth after eating or drinking. Plaque is a substance that harbors bad bacteria. When not removed by brushing or flossing, the bacteria attacks the tooth’s enamel, causing cavities and destroying the soft gum tissue around the tooth. This situation can break down the ligaments and jawbone that hold teeth in place. Sounds bad? That is because it is.

At Jax Beaches Family Dentistry, we can perform a number of treatments to help stop the progression of gum disease.

If you have excess gum tissue around your teeth, you may feel a bit self-conscious about your smile. You may think you have a “gummy smile?” Fortunately, during “gummy smile” surgery, we can contour your gums to improve your smile and your self-confidence. Gum reshaping allows more of the tooth to show when you smile and creates an even, appealing gum line.

Our dentists at Jax Beaches Family Dentistry have years of experience successfully treating a wide range of gum issues. We have the latest technology and utilize the best techniques to restore your gums. We practice “compassionate dentistry” always making sure your discomfort is minimized so that you have a positive experience “at the Dentist.” With Jax Beaches Family Dentistry, it all starts with a no-charge consultation where we listen to you and develop a treatment plan that is mindful of your time and budget.