Coronavirus Update for Patients

As all healthcare professionals are, we are concerned about the Corona virus and the impact on our patients and loved ones.

Our office is open and we are operating as usual. We have always and will always use Universal Precautions, dictated to us by the CDC and recommendations by OSHA and other annual training. We are also taking the Corona virus into consideration in terms of having no employees working at JBFD if they, or any family members exhibit any symptoms of illness.

We are asking all patients that exhibit any symptoms of illness to not come in for dental treatment until they feel like those symptoms have resolved and/or test results conclude that they are not at risk. We are also asking any patients that have traveled internationally to notify us of that travel prior to coming into our office.

We also believe that a healthy mouth contributes to your overall wellness and immune system and feel that your regular dental care and maintenance should be continued.

Our other concern is our patient’s overall well-being. We are aware that the news coverage and reaction to this global health challenge is creating concerns for many. If you need any type of support or have any questions about the virus or the stress it is causing you or your family, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Here are some General Health and Wellness suggestions:

• Get plenty of rest

• Eat healthy / Exercise

• Wash hands frequently /stay sanitary

• Lower your stress

• Monitor the situation lightly, and react only when necessary.

We promise to keep you updated as we get more information and to be the voice of reason.

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