A smile so bright, it's "sinful"

Sinsational Smile

Whitening your smile is a great way to improve your appearance and give you the confidence you need to conquer the day. And now, it’s easier and more effective than ever. At Jax Beaches Family Dentistry, a brighter smile is only 20 minutes away!

No more uncomfortable bleaching trays and whitening kits, we use the revolutionary technology created by Sinsational Smile to make your teeth shine.

Sinsational Smile’s fast, efficient treatment has people all over the world choosing a new way to whiten. First, the patient bites into the patented pre-filled silicon tray, which is designed to leave the jaw relaxed for patient comfort.

An LED accelerating light is then applied to the affected teeth to increase the potency of the whitening solution. After the 20-minute procedure, patients are given a take-home maintenance pen which has been proven to further whiten teeth.

Most people will notice significant results after the first treatment, but depending on the state of the teeth and desired results, more treatments might need to be scheduled.

This professional grade procedure is now available at Jax Beaches Family Dentistry, so get started on that new smile.

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