Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Jax Beaches Family Dentistry offers a wide range of laser-assisted dental therapies. We believe in bringing advanced technology to our patients to provide the very best available treatments for sleep apnea, snoring, gum disease, teeth whitening, and much more.

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Laser Dental Treatments at Jax Beaches Family Dentistry



Snoring and Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea and snoring treatment with Nightlase

Give everyone’s evenings a little bit more peace and quiet by eliminating your snoring condition. Our snoring laser treatment by Fontana uses pulsing laser technology to safely permeate the tissues in the oral mucous membrane to reduce contraction caused by collagen in the nasal tissues. No chemicals, no surgeries, and no bedside equipment means you (and the people around you) start resting more peacefully more quickly. Don’t wait for a better night’s sleep.





Teeth Whitening

Laser assisted tooth whitening in Neptune Beach, FL

The patented TouchWhite™ Tooth Whitening procedure is the fastest, most gentle and minimally invasive laser-assisted tooth whitening treatment available!


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Periodontal Treatment

Laser assisted periodontic treatments in Neptune Beach, FL

For treating periodontal disease, the TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment is a comprehensive and minimally invasive periodontal therapy which creates the optimal conditions for healing periodontal tissues. What’s more, TPT prevents infection and promotes reduction in pocket depths.

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