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Jax Beaches Family Dentistry is a premier dental clinic where you can get the best work done on your smile. Founded by Dr. Anthony Corral in 1999, this dental facility has been providing cutting edge cosmetic dentistry for over a decade and a half. The staff here in Jacksonville Beach is composed of a highly educated dentist and hygienist with extensive knowledge about oral care.

Teeth in a day

At Jax Beaches Family Dentistry, we provide our clients with an Oral Surgeon with zero tolerance for painful procedures. This why we provide pain free dental care. We offer options for sedation and pain medication as well as careful dental procedures delivered with an attentive bedside manner. From dental implants to same day crowns, we provide the dental treatments needed for a healthy and beautiful smile. You can even be seen same day by an emergency dentist. If you do have an emergency we are here to provide you with fast and efficient care and relief from your pain. In addition to teeth cleaning and teeth whitening, we promote healthy dentistry and help to build better smiles.

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If you wish to meet Dr. Corral and would like to see how he can help you build a better smile today call now. You can speak to our representatives and make an appointment for a consultation. Find out how we can repair your teeth with veneers, crowns and replace gaps with bridges.

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