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Choosing the Right Dentist: 4 Tips

Good dental care is an important part of overall health, and choosing the right dentist in the Jacksonville Beach area should be one of your priorities, if you don’t already have one. Find the best practice for you can seem intimidating, though, especially if you have some reservations about dental work due to negative experiences in the past, or if you’re dreading that long-overdue cleaning. No matter what your situation is, we can help—but here are four tips that can help you along in your personal quest to find the right dental professional for you.

1. Seek advice and reviews.
Your friends are family are often the best ones to turn to when it comes to finding advice on any medical professional. Testimonials and online reviews are also a good place to start when it comes to choosing the right practice.

2. Consider the location.
Of course, a local dentist will always be the best choice. Not only will the location be beneficial to you and your busy schedule, but you’ll want to be close by in the case of an emergency. And speaking of emergencies, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a practice that makes time for emergency treatment.

3. Ask questions.
Calling the practice in advance to ask any questions you need answered can help set your mind at ease, and help you to determine that the services you need are offered. Make sure to get any information you need about payment, insurance, office hours and policies, and treatments offered.

4. Schedule a consultation.
At a consultation, you’ll be able to evaluate the office and the employees. Go with your gut feeling on whether or not you feel welcome and comfortable. The office should be clean and welcoming, and staff should be friendly. All of your concerns should be addressed in a caring fashion. And at our practice, you’ll even get to enjoy a new patient discount.

Once you’ve made a decision, there’s nothing left to do but continue on with your personal treatment plan, and take the first step on the way to a healthy smile. Of course, making that first step to find a practice and make an appointment can often be the hardest, which is why we’re here to help you with your concerns and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today, and discover why we might just be the perfect dental practice for you.