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  • Dr. Michelle DeFelice Hucke

    Dr. Michelle DeFelice Hucke

    Dr. Michelle DeFelice Hucke has over 25 years of experience as a dentist. Her passion for dentistry came…

  • Dr. Anthony R. Corral

    Dr. Anthony R. Corral

    Dr. Anthony Corral owned and operated Beaches Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry before becoming a part of…

What our patients say

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    By far the best dental practice I have ever been a part of…they are the friendliest practice in Jacksonville… they do SAME DAY emergency appointments and the dental hygienists are all super gentle and friendly. They have financing plans that make cosmetic and all dental procedures AFFORDABLE.

    Kevin, Neptune Beach

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    Over the years, I have had lot of dental work done by several different dentists. I have been coming to Jax Beaches dentistry for about 3 years now and can definitely say that is the best office that I have ever been to. The fact that they do everything “in-house” makes it very convenient. All the dentists there are very caring, staff is very friendly and fees, at least in my opinion, are reasonable. I am very satisfied with this office. I cannot wait to get my dental implant done there next year! Thanks,

    Marie, Atlantic Beach

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    My daughter asks me when we get to go back for a teeth cleaning! Do you know any 8 year olds that beg to go to the dentist? I recently have had the opportunity to refer several staff members of mine. One staff had a broken tooth that was repaired quickly and for a fair price. Another staff member required emergency dental surgery. It was taken care of and he was able to return to work quickly. I knew I would be able to send these young adults to Jax Beaches Family Dentistry for safe, affordable and excellent dental care. Other staff have been referred for regular cleanings and toothaches. When I had to have a root canal, I called several offices to compare prices. Jax Beaches Family Dentistry was actually $200 less than other practices. Also, I was pain free through the whole procedure. I went home and took the day off afterwards. Actually, I could have gone to work, but I milked it for some attention from my wife and kids.

    Shane, Jacksonville Beach